...my interests!...

i usually switch between interests pretty quickly, i can't stuck with something too long, i've tried a lot before and never worked, i just get bored pretty easily i guess, but! i do keep liking the stuff i moved on from, so, in this page i will talk a little about my interests and how i got into them, this used to be a page dedicated to music only but since i wanted to write more about other stuff i like i thought i would change and make it about anything i want (´ ∀ ` *)


music has been in my live for a very long time now, my parents always had cd and vinyl collections and we would always listen to it together when cleaning the house or something, when i was really young (maybe 9?) my mom put me on a guitar class, i loved it and i took the class for about 2 years (i only remember the chords lol), but a few months after that i started taking drum lessons! at first i didn't really liked drums and i wanted to learn keyboard, but eventually i started really liking drums and in 2014 i got my first drum kit! i was amazed and really happy, lord how i played that cheap electric drum kit, in 2017 i got a opportunity to join a band, i practiced so hard for days, eventually i got into the band, but when the band split up i stopped playing for good, it's been a couple of years since i last played instruments but i'm trying to come back little by little, i want to comeback to drums and dedicate my time to the keyboards, but! in this meantime i wasn't playing anything i still listened to a lot of music, i'm a huge fan of various genres, so i will try to list down some of my favorite artists!

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. . j-pop! . .
my main genre in the last couple of years is j-pop, since i was a anime aficionado in 2011~ish i knew some artists but i never looked stuff, i only listened to anime openings lol, but, in 2017 i discovered j-pop divas like koda kumi, utada hikaru, ayumi hamasaki and namie amuro, in 2019 i discovered showa idols (kayokyoku) and other artists from the 70's and 80's.

. . k-pop! . .
i first discovered k-pop in 2011 (?) when my sister showed me a miss a video, i don't remember what i thought about it but eventually my sister got really into it and i also listened to it casually, i really liked exo and f(x)'s songs, in 2017 (yes everything happened in 2017) i got reeeeally into older groups (suju, 2pm, snsd, shinee, infinite, etc), eventually my big k-pop phase passed and i only stuck with twice and tvxq, these days i've been really into the boyz too (actually i haven't had a boy group phase that lasted this long since tvxq).. i don't actually take k-pop that seriously, after i started treating k-pop as a hobby and entertainment i started enjoying way more, it's not that deep lol

. . brazilian music! . .
so.. i'm brazilian. and that means i grew up listening to brazilian music and artists, of course, this is an umbrella term to any type of music that was made by brazilian people, i mainly enjoy music from the 80's and 90's, but brazil has so much to offer so i'm always finding new artists and listening to stuff i didn't know about

. . western pop! . .
the city i lived all my life is really close to paraguay, and my granduncle would always buy stuff there when the dolar was cheap (lol), he brought a lot, and by a lot i mean a LOT of pirated cds and something he brought every year was summer eletrohits and other cd/dvd collections, i really enjoyed and my 6 year old lil gay me was surely having the time of his life while dancing to rihanna on the living room, even thought i don't really listen to western pop music that often i just know that these 00's big hits shaped a big part of my personality, this year i was lucky enough to start listening to kylie minogue, definetly my main obsession this year ~buy disco on itunes~

. . rock! . .
so my history with rock music is kinda long but i'll resume as much as i can, i don't want years of terrible years of my life on the internet lol, when i had 4 years old my dad's cousin downloaded two avril lavigne music videos on our computer and i got obsessed, i don't remember much cause my memory is basically shit but according to my mom i was a big fanboy of hers, i didn't listened to any albums (i was a child lol), my first album obsession was basically a ramones collection on vinyl that my mom had and oh my god i listened to that album so much, i only used social media and internet to play games on orkut and facebook at the time so i didn't spent much time on the computer (certainly less time than i spend now lol), eventually i started looking up more bands and with influence of my sister i got really into pop punk and metal some time after that (shout out to megadeth (better then metallica) and misfits).
after that i became really interested in indie rock (around the time everyone was interested in indie rock), i used to listen to it so much that i can not listen to it again, the strokes and arctic monkeys make me nauseous lol, these days i've been listening to a lot of noise rock and dream pop.

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as i already mentioned somewhere on this site, i really started watching movies in 2018, when i discovered faye wong and i wanted to watch her famous movie (chungking express), i thought it was great but i didn't really watched anything beyond that, but in january 2019 i was soooo bored, i had just finished high school and i was going to college, so i decided i wanted to expand more my interests and give movies a try, i used to watch movies like once or twice a month (when i did) or only with friends, so in january i started my movie journey, i started obviously with other wong kar-wai movies, and continued with recomendations from twitter mutuals, after almost two years of consuming cinema (especially asian cinema) i think i can make a page with my recommendations and my favorite directors lol, so, this is what this page is about!