...film diary!...

liii. ♥ dolor y gloria (2019) dir.: pedro almodóvar

i like almodóvar, and i liked this, but the thing is everytime i see a movie made by him i feel like i'm watching the same movie over and over again, it's always about the same things, things i can relate too, but it gets boring sometimes, it's always about childhood, motherhood, discovering sexuality, femininity.. i can relate to any of this things, i was raised mainly by women, and i don't know.. if i was a movie director i'd probably write only about this too, but i am not, and i am bored, todo sobre mi madre 300 times, i don't know if i'm missing something on his movies cause i don't know if any of them add something to the story he's telling..

lii. ♥ a nightmare on elm street 3: dream warriors (1972) dir.: chuck russell

this one was great, the idea of nightmares being connected to mental ilnesses is amazing, i love when a piece of media can talk about these type of problems without making such a big deal out of it, it shows the mistreatment that mentally ill people suffer in hospitals and it's still a really good horror movie, some of the stuff can be predictable but that's totally fine by me, i'm not expecting to be amazed by slashers lol, it's not better then the first one, but it's definetly one of the best of the series (that has some pretty bad ones)

li. ♥ the way of the dragon (1972) dir.: bruce lee

i'm gonna pretend i'm not writing about this movie 4 months after i watched and i don't really remember what happened, it was my second bruce lee movie and i watched with my father, i know that at some point chucky norris showed up there was a restaurant in rome i guess, it was fun, really messed up dub and quality lol

l. ♥ not of this earth (1957) dir.: roger corman

i watched this on a youtube channel called 'culttrasheirabr', i really recommend for people that like trashy horror movies, they post with pt-br subtitles and dub but sometimes it has original audio, i think little by little i'm starting to understand the beauty of old american movies, this is not my favorite but it has nice suspense and story, and the poster is beautiful omg.

xlix. ♥ the eye (2008) dir.: david moreau, xavier palud

i usually don't sleep watching movies, only if i'm really tired and the movie is old, with not much going on on the screen, but that doesn't make the movie bad, but not this one, i almost slept on this one beucase if was boring as fuck, i don't even know how to categorize this, possession? witches? bad for sure.

xlviii. ♥ death by hanging / 絞死刑 (1969) dir.: nagisa oshima

this is what i'm talking about!!! great drama and fun but still political, the power of the imperialists over bodies that don't belong to them, the anger.. the idea of people not being guilty of their crimes if they don't remember is great and the movie ends up with a great criticism over racism over korean people by the japanese in the mid 20th century, i have to watch this again someday.

xlvii. ♥ i, tonya (2017) dir.: craig gillespie

i know i said the blockbust marathon was over but this was on tv and i ended up watching what can i do.. really boring, i like biographic movies sometimes but this was just so plain and boring, or it's just me being boring.

xlvii. ♥ lucy (2014) dir.: luc besson

the last one of my blockbuster marathon i did with my dad since is the only thing he likes to watch (he slept watching this) but it was nice, i appreciate choi min-sik in this but idk.. kinda boring, give me back my 89 minutes.

xlvi. ♥ coming 2 america (2021) dir.: craig brewer

this was bad.. the jokes didn't landed anywhere to me, the plot of him having a lost son from his first trip to u.s.a. was really bad too, i don't know, i'm not a fan of making movies in sake of nostalgia, it's not fun anymore, it was nice in 2015 when star wars came back but 200 movies later people start getting a little tired of every movie ever made with a sequel lol (and i say that as a horror movie fan, someone who lives in the sake of sequels), it's just another superficial production that reminds me of something netflix would produce in sake of getting money as soon as possible, my father loved it though.

xlv. ♥ coming 2 america (1988) dir.: john landis

i have a few problems with this but i kinda liked (?) again, watched this with my father, apparently he really likes eddie murphy, it's a nice family movie or whatever...

xliv ~ xlvi. ♥ the karate kid trilogy (1984 ~ 1989) dir.: john g. avildsen

the first one is so iconic oh my god... i watched the trilogy in one afternoon with my father and my sister, it was nice, as i said, the first one is the most iconic, it has memorable lines, scenes and things i remember from my childhood even though the movie was released almost 40 years ago, the sequences are not as good but they follow the first one in at least a coherent way, it could've been worse, so i appreciate that, nice family movies.

xliii. ♥ crystal swan / Хрусталь (2018) dir.: darya zhuk

my sister watched this a while ago and recommended me cause it was a movie about a girl that loved house music lol, she really do knows me, i really liked, but i think the protagonist kinda forgot that music scenes happens everywhere, actually she had a group of people with similar interests in her city, her boyfriends hosts a party for gods sake, i expected to be a really weird movie but it was kinda what you would expect from a coming of age, but from the usa, i also didn't liked how the protagonist acts, she acts with an sense of superiority, maybe it's not that, but i'm not used to people standing up for themselves and running for what they believe and want to do, ah, and loved the aspect ratio.

xlii. ♥ framing britney spears (2021) dir.: samantha stark

i knew the basics of what happened to britney in the 00s but i never knew it was that strong, i know the documentary touches only the surface of what happened to her and what's going on with her father, i really enjoy britney's music, it had a really important part on my self-discovery, i knew i was different when i wanted to dance like the fender pinwheeler does in the movie robots, i remember that scene so clearly, i wish only all the best for britney.

xli. ♥ kidnap (2017) dir.: luis prieto

i watched this not because i wanted (lol), but because it was on tv when i was going to sleep and since it's an action movie i got really agitated and i couldn't sleep, so i finished watching before sleeping lol, it was nice, i can't remember last time i saw a movie that had a happy ending.

xl. ♥ venus / ビーナス (1990) dir.: takashi ito

from what i've seen from takashi ito, this is my favourite, he plays with perspective in a way i always had on my mind but at the same time never knew exactly what it was, i can only think the amount of work put into this, all the perfect shots, the precision of being on the exact spot that will show on perspective, this makes me love his work even more.

xxxiv. ♥ fist of fury / 精武門 (1972) dir.: lo wei

i love how the movie shows china's relationship with japanese nationalists during the ocupation, first bruce lee movie i've seen and i really liked it! it's a little slow but that's just me i'm kinda boring..

xxxviii. ♥ thunder (1982) dir.: takashi ito

by far his most famous film, i watched this a long time ago, but in a music video on youtube that my friend sent me, and this is the reason that this film is so important to me, i don't have much to write, but i love this

xxxvii. ♥ spacy (1981) dir.: takashi ito

as i mentioned on my diary, i got on a takashi ito phase, his experimental short films are so amazing, this one for example, challenges the viwer in an almost psychodelic experience, he uses architecture in a unusual way, and architecture media are usually so plain and has no excitement, he challenges the power of himself when filming this and reproducing almost as a performance, i think even me imagining how he made this is part of the experience.

xxxvi. ♥ antes que eu me esqueça (2017) dir.: tiago arakilian

again, brazilian production, but in this time it's actually on brazil, little story about a man that had alzheimer and refuses to get help from his family, very basic and cliché but i liked it..

xxxv. ♥ modulations (1998) dir.: iara lee

brazilian woman director!!! so happy i found this, a huge collection of music nerds talking about what they love, the documentary starts right off with one of my favourite quotes by genesis p-orridge (rest in power) "the world isn't meant to be good or evil, black or white, one or two, one or zero, it's not binary, it's chaos." i think this represents very well the mindset of people involved with electronic and revolutionary communities, and it's speaks to me a lot, i still need to learn more about genesis' life and discover who she was but by what i've seen she looks like a wonderful human being.. the movie talks a little about sub-genres, house, jungle, techno, disco, japanoise, concrete music, sound collage, etc. and this is what i liked the most, it fulfills its purpose, iara lee didn't intended to give a masterclass about the history of electronic music, she wanted to compile what people from that scene knew, information is a key-word in this, kodwo eshun is also in this documentary, kodwo eshun is a writer, theorist, filmmaker, i discovered him in this, he seems like a person that knows a lot, and this makes me want to know them and talk to them, definetly an academic inspiration.

xxxiv. ♥ malcolm & marie (2021) dir.: sam levinson

just lacking... in general.. this was so exausting omg, like i get it movies with straight people screaming at each other reminds me that peak straight humor is hating your marriage, and reminds me of cool, woke man that are 'art apreciators', and in reality they are just trash (not talking about the protagonist specifically, as the film didn't gave me enough information to even know who he is), it's kind of a trend right now i guess, movies with troubled relationships, at least marriage story (that was already bad) landed somewhere, but hey, the actors are pretty..

xxxiii. ♥ i was there when house took over the world (2017) dir.: ?

not really a deep dive into house music's history but still it's good for someone that don't know anything about how house music started, i love that they interviewed people that were actually there when house took over the world lol, sometimes searching about you see some videos by people that can be a little intimidating to believe, so misinformation is spread aroud the internet that makes this a plus point.

xxxii. ♥ ghidorah, the three-headed monster / 三大怪獣 地球最大の決戦 (1964) dir.: ishirō honda

mothra is so fierce i love her so much.. kween

xxxi. ♥ king Kong vs. godzilla / キングコング対ゴジラ (1962) dir.: ishirō honda

tbh i don't remember much, but i love godzilla..

xxx. ♥ the beaches of agnès / les plages d'agnès (2008) dir.: agnès varda

a self documentary about agnès' life, i aprecitate seeing people that know about their history and are willing to share with the world, agnès' life is really an inspiration and

xxix. ♥ godzilla raids again / ゴジラの逆襲 (1955) dir.: motoyoshi oda

i downloaded on avistaz a super pack of all godzilla movies between 1954 and 2004, this was fun, i really enjoy big monsters destroying everything, still not better then the first godzilla movie but still nice.

xxviii. ♥ turtles are surprisingly fast swimmers / 亀は意外と速く泳ぐ (1999) dir.: satoshi miki

peak comedy, so fun and campy, and yet the movie talks a lot about how they have the need of staying mediocre instead of doing their best and eventurally having the possibility of becoming well known, it's so funny.. and this scene was amazing..

xxvii. ♥ main theme / メイン・テーマ (1999) dir.: yoshimitsu morita

i'm not the type of person who really cares about acting skills mainly cause i don't really know if someone's acting is good or bad, but i loved hiroko yakushimaru in this, i already loved her for her music and seeing her on a movie really made me like her even more, it was cute, don't know what to say about this.

xxvi. ♥ looking for an angel / 天使の楽園 (1999) dir.: akihiro suzuki

after i discovered the youtube channel i watched bu su i wanted to watch more of that, so i watched this, its a really confusing history about someone who used to be a porn actor there's someone who died or just moved out of tokyo, someone who's gay and a trip with friends, the storyline and characters are really messy in my head, don't know if it's my problem or the movie's, but anyway, it was cool.

xxv. ♥ BU・SU (1987) dir.: jun ichikawa

a lot of thoughts about this but again, my writing skills are not good enough to write everything i felt during this movie, a teenage girl, daughter of a former geisha, moves to tokyo in order to go to high school and study to become a geisha herself, the movie express perfectly her struggles during high school and friction between classmates, the high point of the movie is her ending presentation in the school's talent show i guess, but even when everything went wrong everything was still fine, i didn't felt any sadness or anger because of her failure, she did what she had to do, and i love people who does their best by nature, i wish i was more like that, percistence is the word i think.

xxiv. ♥ the shiver of vampires / le frisson des vampires (1971) dir.: jean rollin

i thought i was going to like more, i usually like low budget european trashy horror (and vampires), but i was just bored most of the time, poor acting was cool and stuff but idk, not my favorite..

xxiii. ♥ hustlers (2019) dir.: lorene scafaria

love love love this.. i just wanna say before start writing that jlo is so so so so pretty oh my god, ok, a group of stripers need to find a way to make their living after their clients lose their jobs after the 2008 crisis, and they find that way by drugging them and taking them to the strip club, i think what i love about this is how it's based on real stories, like, this really happened, the crisis affected people that where so far from working on banks and that proves it, i also love how the movie is filmed like a story that's being told by the protagonist, destiny, after all the shit goes down, also, the participations of lizzo and cardi b are great, seing that cardi was already a stiper and is very open about that.

xxii. ♥ devil's advocate (1997) dir.: taylor hackford

keanu reeves is the most hot human being that has ever existed, that being said, i love him being some kind of evil's subordinate, i think it adds to his appeal, the movie was great, it didn't looked like 144 minutes and it's always good to see al pacino (and keanu reeves).

xxi. ♥ pink narcissus (1971) dir.: james bidgood

great, art house film about the erotic fantasies of a male prostitute, all in its most representative and subjective form, and very aesthetic pleasing, i love movies that show the sexual freedom and forms of discovering yourself.

xx. ♥ far from vietnam / loin du vietnam (1967) dir.: agnès varda, jean-luc godard, +...

fuck the united states and fuck imperialism, 4 years after agnès' trip to cuba, she made a project with a lot of other directors about the vietnam war, with all the perspective of a country being attacked by the largest nation in the world in a try to make a massacre agains communism and revolutionists, it could have a little less white men talking scenes but overall i thought it was a great documentary with a strong point of view.

xix. ♥ the guilty / den skyldige (2018) dir.: gustav möller

it was a nice thriller but not enough, i really liked the idea of only having the visual side of the police officer and all the visual side of the lady being only with our imagination, the plot twist was not my favorite?? i mean it was nice, but not like mind-blowing oh my god something for the history books, the ending was fine too, pretty mediocre and avarage in my opinion.

xviii. ♥ teenage yakuza / ハイティーンやくざ (1962) dir.: seijun suzuki

early seijun suzuki yakuza movie and definetly not his best, it was hard to watch, not gonna lie, even though it's a genre i really like and from a director i really like i still found myself bored watching, i don't know why honestly, i found the history really nice, tamio kawachi looks really pretty but also not one of his best works i've seen from him, it's the history of a teenager that founds himself in the need of beating yakuza's up in order to protect the local stores from his town, and eventually the struggles with his best friend and a possible love interest, it was nice to see how seijun worked in his early years and how japanese cinema shaped around the success of yakuza movies in the mid 20th century, definetly gonna watch more tamio kawachi movies, as he is both really pretty and a great actor that worked in a lot of yakuza movies.

xvii. ♥ death becomes her (1992) dir.: robert zemeckis

i'm not the biggest meryl streep fan there is, but this was fun, definetly got a lot of laughs and the end was fun, it was good to watch with my mom..

xvi. ♥ salut les cubains (1963) dir.: agnès varda • short

socialism and cha cha cha, agnès uses the photos she took during her trip to cuba 4 years after fidel castro came to power to make a documentary about the history of the cuban people and the revolution that took place in the country during the 1960's, this is a perfect representation of leftist documentary and making basically a masterclass about how leftist filmmakers should behave, and end the myth of 'non-partisan' creation, art is politics and so should it be.

xv. ♥ female prisoner #701: scorpion / 女囚701号/さそり (1972) dir.: shunya ito

revenge, blood and meiko kaji doing her very best, i started this marathon of female prisioner's films, i downloaded on avistaz a compilation with all the movies from the series and now i'll do my best to watch all of them, i love this so much, i don't know why, but japanese movies from the 60's and 70's are totally my thing, especially the ones with a lot of blood, i love how they used (just like giallo) a very red and almost #ff0000 red substance for the blood, the blood is not liquid it's like a paste, i don't know why but i love that, just like lady snowblood (also with meiko kaji killing a lot of people, and also something i need to watch the sequels)

xiv. ♥ pistol opera / ピストルオペラ (2001) dir.: seijun suzuki ⟲

seijun suzuki is one of the most important directors of yakuza movies, one of my obessions in 2019/20, i watched this for the first time almost a year ago and i was blown away by how amazing this movie is, something about the experimentation on the scenes and on the violence makes me love this a lot, is totally post-modern and camp-ish, i actually rewatched this movie because of yunho, his new music video was inspired by yakuza and hong kong movies, but some scenes it specially reminded me of this one, i think it's because of the set and the plain color background used both in the music video and in some scenes in pistol opera, i don't think the reason this was used is the same though, i think in the music video it was used to give a set-ish feel and less of a full lenght movie, while contrasting with the violence and other elements, while in the movie i guess it was used as a way to experiment with new idead and what the new millenium was heading toward us, seijun had nothing to prove, he was already legendary and had a lot of movies to be used as a inspiration, but he still wanted to push his boundries and see how far he could go, i guess...

xiii. ♥ days / 日子 (2020) dir.: tsai ming-liang

how powerful a movie without dialogues can be? what's the line between love story and loneliness? tsai ming-liang is one of the first directors i watched when i got into asian cinema, in 2019's carnival i watched 'vive l'amour' and 'rebels of the neon god', and later 'stray dogs', i loved both so much but i haven't got deeper into his filmography after that, last year when i saw the news that he was gonna release a 2 hour long movie without dialogues i was like oh my god, yes! but i only got to watch this year, and dear lord it was one of the best experiences of my life, i was worried i wasn't going to make it until the end since it looks like a tought movie to watch but no, even if it had long scenes with nothing going on i still used the time to make sure i was getting everything i could from the scene, if it's a character sitting i could still watch the reflex on the glass and after a while i understood what was going on, this kind of stuff, if done well, i only get when the movie has long scenes, i don't know if that's cause i am really slow at catching things but i don't know, it's something that keeps me interesting and not bored even when a movie is this long and technically hard to watch, but ok, the main thing i wanted to write about of this movie is the representation of loneliness, especially loneliness, something that strikes me in my heart, being alone, living alone and finding comfort on the shallowest way of interaction, i still don't think i'm able to write all i want to say and express everything i felt watching this movie but i tried my best, and that's what this page is about anyway lol.

xii. ♥ opera (1987) dir.: dario argento

i had higher expectations for this, but this is internet's fault, it's not that i didn't liked it's just that i thought it was going to be a lot more, i don't know if i liked the ending and the killer was kinda predictable

xi. ♥ a moment of romance / 天若有情 (1990) dir.: benny chan

the love story between a thief and his hostage, i think this is the definition of hong kong cinema in my point of view, a lot of violence and dropped out of nowhere fight scenes, a lot of stabbing for some reason and a perfect love story to use as a contrast, and i don't think any human being is going to top andy lau's visuals on this.

x. ♥ one wonderful sunday / 素晴らしき日曜日 (1947) dir.: akira kurosawa

the whole film is the couple's sunday, the only day of the week they have to spend together, both are living with friends or family and they only have 40 ienes to spend, we are invited to this adventure of only one day, facing when plans don't go as expected and even going throught a long shot of uncertainty, even though i thought the movie had some slow moments i had a great time watching with my mom, she didn't liked.

ix. ♥ black girl / la noire de... (1966) dir.: ousmane sembène

this was really intense, a considerably short film but with so much emotion, very symbolic and direct at the same time, the pain and anger holded by the protagonist is subtle, a very nice representation about post-colonization in senegal, i really wished i had more to write about this, but the movie is so wholesome and unique that i don't really know how to express my feelings towards it in text.

viii. ♥ the gleaners and i / les glaneurs et la glaneuse (2017) dir.: agnès varda

as i friend of mine said to me, 'i love how agnès can find poetry in everything', and this represents this side of agnès so well, the documentery is about a lot of things, but one main topic is 'recycling' (?) or 'taking what people rejected and making it yours', i think the most interesting thing on this is the wine part, i had no idea this existed, and is quite amazing how she talked about so many ways of reusing stuff or using stuff that's declared as 'wasted' to make new stuff in only 82 minutes, also, the heart potatoes are so cute.

vii. ♥ faces places / visages, villages (2017) dir.: agnès varda, jr

i'm really glad i got to see such inspiring movies, this is the personification of inspiring, i think any midia showing artists with such freedom and sincerity on their work is inspiring, it makes me feel like i can have what i takes to make what i want come to life, in this movie we get to see a little bit of agnès varda and jr working together, in various projects, mixing different areas of approach such as photography, collage, social experiments, architecture and more, and on top of that showing a lot of how agnès and jr's friendship started, her teasing him for him not taking his glasses off and more made me feel a lot more empathy (?) for them and kinda understand that they're humans too lol, the high point of the movie is the end, i think if you seen the movie you'll get it, if you haven't please go watch it.

vi. ♥ the watermelon woman (1996) dir.: rené laloux

this made me so inspired to create new things, it was the first feature film directed by an "out" black lesbian, it's the story about a woman, cheryl, she's an young black lesbian filmmaker inspirer, and she's working on a project called the watermelon woman, the project is about this black actress from the 1930's, only credited as 'the watermelon woman', she then continues to investigate about her life and why she wasn't credited as her real name, the movie ends with the project, telling the story about the watermelon woman, who is she, what was her job, why she wasn't credited with her real name, what was her relationship with the movie director, i just loved this, so inspiring...

v. ♥ fantastic planet / la planète sauvage (1973) dir.: rené laloux

this right here was great, i absolutely love the animation style, the story is about another planet, where human-alike figures are called oms and are pets, of big, extremelly technologic and spiritually advanced creatures called draags, one day, one om escapes from his house and takes away with him a device used for learning by the draags, and they begin a revenge against the ones who makes them suffer the most, the draags, it's absolutely amazing, i love the story so much, it's perfectly places for revolution and times like we're living right now lol.

iv. ♥ summer vacation 1999 / 1999年の夏休み (1988) dir.: shusuke kaneko

i'm soooo sad i didn't liked this, it's a movie adaptation of one of my all time favorite mangas, the heart of thomas, by the legendary mangaka hagio moto, i was suposed to love this, it's a boy's love story all played by women, but the story is totally different, first of all, the ambientation is totally different, instead of a full school it's in the middle of summer vacation (which originates the name of the movie), i know i'm being the annoying 'the adaptation ruined the story' type of fan but what can i do lol, it really ruined it for me, i can excuse the different names and changes in a few characters but the high point was the ending, what do you mean they're the same person? that changes absolutely EVERYTHING about the story, they kept a few things like the death of eric's mother but that's it, i hated it, hagio moto i'm so sorry, i'm so sorry an ugly ass bitch would do that to your story, but i do like the fashion and styling choices, i think it suited the story very well.

iii. ♥ eyes without a face / les yeux sans visage (1958) dir.: georges franju

another one i didn't really enjoyed, but this one i'm almost sure i'll really like it when i see it a second time, a friend of mine said so lol, i liked the whole idea of the daughter of a doctor with no face and his need to find a way to fix the problem he made himself at a car crash, the whole woman disappearing thing is pretty scary and i enjoyed that, i don't really know what i didn't liked about it, it just wasn't for me i guess.

ii. ♥ vertigo (1958) dir.: alfred hitchcock

ok i didn't liked this, at all, it was sooo slow for me, it felt like 5 hours and i got really sleepy, unlike persona lol, also, i didn't really liked the plot twist, i just think old hollywood is not really my cup of tea, i think i have to watch more of them to start really enjoying them at their full potential, cause i know they have, i just haven't found something i enjoy, maybe i'll try to watch more this year.

i. ♥ persona (1966) dir.: ingmar bergman

i watched this with my friend ana while she was in town, it was amazing! one my favorite movies watched this year (by now), the 84 min movie passed in the blink of an eye, so powerful and mesmerizing, it's the type of movie it makes everyone thinking they 'understood' what it was going for, but to be honest i don't think it has an absolute meaning, i think it was made for different interpretations, what i thought was, oh, they're the same person, but tbh who cares.
☆.。.:* 2021! .。.:*☆
i will put on this page a diary of movies i watched in 2021, i'm doing this to force myself into writing more, so i'll write a little bit for every long film i see, short movies and rewatches only when i feel like it..