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♥ all about lily chou-chou ♥
♥ a brighter summer day ♥
♥ love exposure ♥
♥ kamikaze girls ♥
♥ ichi the killer ♥
♥ edifício master ♥
♥ the friends ♥
♥ linda linda linda ♥
♥ possession ♥

♥ all about lily chou chou / リリイ・シュシュのすべて (2001) dir.: shunji iwai

this is a story about adolescenthood as it finest, is about loneliness and pain, it's so heavy but in it's simplest way, i love how this movie makes me feel, i have a hard time knowing how i'm feeling and understanding what makes me feel that way and this is something that i makes me feel and it makes me feel a LOT, the movies tells the story of teenagers on the early 00s, it's all connected with music and a fictional pop artist called 'lily chou-chou' her music is ehtereal and fits the mood of the movie perfectly, it's sung by j-pop artist 'salyu', she makes a great job on impersonating lily's aesthetic and sound, it reminds me a lot of ichiko aoba and faye wong, both artists that i love very much for the exactly same reason i love the movie, their music is not heavy but it's painfull, it's a form of despair that i never experienced both hearing nor watching anything. it amazes me how shunji iwai made this film about escapism throught internet and music 20 years ago, such a current topic and it makes more sense everyday.

♥ a brighter summer day / 牯嶺街少年殺人事件 (1991) dir.: edward yang

i can clearly say my relationship with movies can be divided in to eras, before a brighter summer day and after a brighter summer day, a almost 4 hour movie with so many topics and important things happening but if one of them wasnt there the whole experience would lost it's porpuse, the story envolves adolescenthood, family issues, taiwan's politics in the late 50's / early 60's, neighborhood street gangs, first love and more, tbh i didn't really caught all the peaks of the movie at my first watch, i really liked it, but it was at my second time watching it became my favorite movie of all time, the characters' passivity and lack of dialogue makes a little hard to understand if your not putting 100% of your attention into the plot of the film, but that doesn't bother me, it's a movie that requires a lot of who is watching, it requires full attention in 4 hours, the movie is based on a true story from the director's (edward yang) hometown.

♥ love exposure / 愛のむきだし (2008) dir.: sion sono

this movie is a trip, i've watched not long ago actually, it was in the beggining of the pandemic i guess, i was so impressed how a 4 hour long movie passed so quickly, and it's amazing, the first part of the story is about a young very religious guy, yu, after his mother dies at his young age his father becomes a priest and they live together in a church, his father asks yu to confess his sins to him, but he feels like he is not sinning enough and starts making up sins, and eventually starts fighting, stealing and taking photographs of women's skirts, after he loses a bet with his friends, he is challanged to dress up as a woman (miss scorpion), and kiss a girl he likes, and so he finds yoko, a catholic girl who hates man and believes the only cool guys in the world are kurt cobain and jesus christ, yu kisses yoko and they both fall in love, but yoko falls in love with miss scorpion, and not yu, the movie has more to it but i believe if you haven't watched yet that's the main plot.

♥ kamikaze girls / 下妻物語 ヤンキーちゃんとロリータちゃん (2004) dir.: tetsuya nakashima

i literally love everything about this, and i watched last week lol (12/06/2020), the movie is about momoko and ichigo, two girls with very distinctive styles, momoko lives with her father, a former yakuza that sells fake products, she is in love with lolita style and does not believe that the small town she lives in is the place for her, she buys her clothes in tokyo, which is a two hours trip from where she lives, ichigo is a girl that love motorcycles and is in a club where she rides with other girls, they met when ichigo wants to buy fake vers*ce products and build a relationship from there, as i said, i love everything in this movie, the yakuza movies references when they are telling momoko's father's history, anna tsuchiya's acting, the soundtrack made by tommy heavenly6 and of course, all the fashion references, mixing both yankii's and lolit's style throughout the film.

♥ ichi the killer / 殺し屋1 (2001) dir.: takashi miike

i LOVE this.. what's more homoerotic then a masochist guy obsessed with chasing a killer that can provoke the most pain he ever felt in his life, warning, this is a extremely graphic film and it has a lot of strong/gore scenes so.. be carefull, don't watch if you're not fine seeing blood/torture/rape/abuse, me saying this makes the movie sound horrible but it's great i swear! i actually love gore and this movie was one of the first gore movies i ever watched, so it has a special place in my heart <3.

♥ master, a building in copacabana / edifício master (2002) dir.: eduardo coutinho

this is actually a documentary, as the title says it's about master, a building in copacabana (rio de janeiro), it has 12 stories from people that live on the apartments, the building in total has 276 apartments, i love this so much, it's one of those moments that architecture actually speaks to me, and it makes me hate all of this a little less, all the stories are so unique, having so many people with so many different stories trying to live and survive and by the fate of destiny they end up living on the same building, one of my favorite stories is from suzy (no eng subs), a woman from salvador, bahia that used to be a dancer and singer, she lived 1 year on japan and she sings a little bit two of her favorite japanese songs, i just love this scene so much omg... the problem is, this documentary is from 2002, 18 years ago, so it has a high chance that a lot of people that were in this documentary are dead :(, i just want to sit with suzy and talk a lot to her, and hear all the stories she has to tell about when she was a dancer, all her memories from carnaval on rio de janeiro, if your not brazilian / you don't speak portuguese you're reading this and you can't find english subs, please contact me! i will do whatever i can to translate the movie to english or find an already existent subtitle, i want more people to know the beauty of this movie.

♥ the friends / 夏の庭 the friends (1994) dir.: shinji somai

i think you realized by now that i really love coming of age films, and this is one of my favorites, when i watched i joked that would be the best japanese architecture class i will ever have and it's kinda true, it's the story about 3 friends that meet an old man that lives alone in a house with an overgrown garden, they create such a genuine bond, it's so sincere and innocent, and that's why i love coming of age films so much, it reminds me that life is not supposed to be rushed, we can live things on our own time and things will come with time, i don't know, the calm atmosphere of coming of age movies (especially shinki somai's) always makes me really calm and happy.

♥ linda linda linda / リンダ リンダ リンダ (2005) dir.: nobuhiro yamashita

this is everything i always wanted to be (and this is what i thought i looked like when i played in a band), a story about 3 girls that need to find a new vocalist for their school talent show, they find son, a korean exchange student, and they need to rehearse their show in only three days, this is so amazing... i just love it so much oh my god, go watch it please.

♥ possession (1994) dir.: andrzej żuławski

this is such a cliche but i believe this is one of my favorite horror movies (i pretend to do a horror movie page soon! lol), what i love about this is basically isabelle adjani's acting, her scene on the subway is easily one of my favorites of all time... i haven't seen much of this genre but i think it's the best example of psychological horror i can find rn
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