this is a place i'm going to put my playlists! i'm not much of a playlist person but i thought i would make this page so i can share some of my favorite songs of certain genres, hope you enjoy it! i'm gonna update little by little so expect more playlists to come! i plan to move all my apple music/spotify playlists, you can find me on apple music here and on spotify here!

k-pop girl groups songs that i like! only one song per ground and no particular order :D ~ k-pop/k-pop in japanese/dance w.i.p

title artist album 📆
a rainbow a - single 2011
bangkok city orange caramel bangkok city - single 2011
hell in heaven twice eyes wide open 2020
day by day t-ara day by day 2012
pantomime wjsn neverland 2020
kill bill brown eyed girls black box 2013
damaged lady kara full bloom 2013
shadow f(x) pink tape 2013
hate you 2ne1 2ne1 2nd 2011
good-bye baby miss a a class 2011
lalalilala april da capo 2020
shh after school dressed to kill 2014
volume up 4minute volume up 2012
miniskirt aoa miniskirt 2014
i'm so sick apink one & six 2018
wow lovelyz r u ready? 2017
gone wonder girls reboot 2015
nom nom nom sunny hill nom nom nom 2019
ddd exid full moon 2017
resentment chakra chakra 2000
dreams come true s.e.s sea & eugene & shoo 1998
now fin.k.l now 2000
get up baby v.o.x come come come baby 1999
sunrise gfriend time for us 2019
you don't love me spica you don't love me 2014

japanese music made by women that i love! ~ j-pop/dance/rnb/synthpop/folk w.i.p

title artist album 📆
koi no dance site morning musume 3rd: love paradise 2000
terminal ayumi hamasaki colours 2014
cutie honey koda kumi secret 2005
m.u.s.e. miliyah m.u.s.e. 2014
yo yo crystal kay vivid 2012
goodbye happiness utada hikaru single collection vol.2 2009
can't sleep can't eat i'm sick namie amuro play 2007
misty love miho nakayama catch the nite 1988
輪廻 momoe yamaguchi this is my trial 1980
labyrinth akina nakamori fushigi 1986
冬のアルバム seiko matsuda north wind 1980
the rain from light and shadow ichiko aoba qp 2018
climb up to the top ami suzuki supreme show 2008
私の16才 kyoko koizumi マイ・ファンタジー 1982

songs i would play if i was a dj at a party, no order, this is
not a set ~ pop/synthpop/art-pop/electropop/idm/edm

title artist album 📆
alala css cansei de ser sexy 2005
goods iamamiwhoami kin 2012
pass this on the knife deep cuts 2003
baptism crystal castles (ii) 2010
city grrrl cansei de ser sexy la liberación 2011
without love alice glass alice glass 2017
baile de peruas noporn noporn 2006
groove is in the heart deee-lite world clique 1990
human behavior björk la liberación 2011
disco tits tove lo blue lips (lady woodphase ii) 2017
fusion perfume futue pop 2018
dia d clarice falcão tem conserto 2019
xingu noporn noporn 2006
um pouco gótica ga31 supermodern4 2017
hot stuff donna summer bad girls 1979
hung up madonna confessions on a dancefloor 2005
xtal aphex twin selected ambient works 85-92 1992
anna wintour azealia banks anna wintour 2018
bloody mary lady gaga born this way 2011
nasty janet jackson control 1986
heads will roll (a-trak remix) yeah yeah yeahs heads will roll (a-trak remix) 2009
you spin me round dead or alive that's the way i like it 1984
scream and shout will.i.am ft.britney spears #willpower 2012
fake id riton & kah-lo fake id 2017
do it again röyksopp & robyn do it again 2014
can't get you outta my head kylie minogue fever 2001
remedy remedy hands 2008
chewing gum annie anniemal 2004
control of the knife girls aloud tangled up 2007
jealousy róisín murphy róisín machine 2020