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welcome to my homepage!!
since 20 october, 2020 :D
last updated in february 27th, 2021
this is a place where i'll share my thoughts and something i can spend my time on without worring about it too much, i think it will be forever under construction because i'm constantly changing things so expect that if your gonna come back here some time soon, i hope you enjoy looking around :D

last updates!

updated my collection page, added britney to my others page and updated my film log page! ~21/04
created my film log page and changed a bit my film recommendations page! ~23/03
updated my collection page and added a few details to my records! ~26/02
fixed some things and updated my link page! ~31/01


created my movies page! more on interests ~27/11
added more albums to my collection! ~17/11
updated index, created interests page and deleted stan page, created music page! ~12/11
fixed a few bugs ~11/26
just created my playlists! page ~11/25
just updated my home!, created my links page ~11/18
just updated my gallery! ~11/12
just uploaded my new photo on about! ~11/11
just created my first shrine! ~11/08
just updated my stan list on stan! ~11/05
the site is born! 10/20